Highlights and Design Aspects of the New Aura Sport Kite
by Sky Burner Kites

Sky Burner Kites has been designing, flying and building kites for almost 25 years. The newest kite that has been added to our line is the new Aura UL and SUL. This  exciting new kite is bolstered by the use of evolving framing technology and innovative design concepts. The aura is a sport kite with an unrivaled wind range with the ability to perform at a level we have not been able to achieve in the past.

Some of the new performance and design points:

  • The newly designed nose will give more of tunneling effect in the top part of the sail. This tunneling creates better tracking and adds to the low wind capabilities. The nose is also snag proof.

  • Increased wind range through new framing techniques. Through the use of the Sky Shark Zero Air tube in the SUL, or 2pt’s in the UL, then cutting them to 26.5” down from 32.5”, for the lower leading edges and lower spreaders, has made the tubes stiffer and more durable. The top leading edge is a pultruded tube with a special adapter created by Level One. By doing this, it brings the weight of the kite down and makes the balance of the of the kite great for pitch controlled tricks in light wind flying.

  • The use of lighter materials has led to a kite that weighs a bit over 4 oz. for the SUL and 5 oz. for the UL. The wind range is very low on both kites and the high end is lot more than you would expect.

We have created a true SUL and UL kite in the new Aura.
The weight versus the wing span argument:
Most true SUL kites that are larger do not have the momentum to make learning and doing tricks simple, the inputs that are required are larger and the tricks more difficult. 

Is it possible to do roll ups with the new Aura?  Yes, but it is not easy.  Will it perform everything else?  Give it a try and we promise you will not be disappointed.  The Aura’s potential is limitless.

If you have ever flown or owned a Sky Burner Kite we would like to thank you for your support.  To be able to design and build kites that people enjoy makes us very happy.