To understand more about wrapped tubes let me explain the basics of what goes into making one. Wrapped tubes are made by hand using pre-preg carbon cloth which varies by content of carbon, modulus and resin. By adding plys or layers we are changing the weight and strength of the tube. These layers of cloth are cut to exact size and are then wrapped around a specific size mandrel at a certain place on the mandrel . The mandrels with the wrapped material are now placed in a machine that spins the mandrel and tapes the tube with a cellophane looking material that compresses and wraps the material. This is what gives the spiral effect you see on the tubes. This is also the cause for friction and wear on bridle lines. The tubes are then placed in a oven to bake (cure) for a certain amount of time. Then they go into a machine that breaks the mandrel loose from the tube. They then strip the cello material off the tube and cut it to length. If we are making any of the new Black Diamond series tubes we are then putting the tubes in a centerless sanding machine that very precisely takes off the ridges left by the binding process to make the tubes smooth. We then paint the tubes with a special clear-coat paint and bake them once again to harden the paint. The tube is then printed to identify it. I hope this gives you a better idea of what goes into making one of our tubes.

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