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Welcome to the Sky Burner . Com, Sky Shark Carbon Tube page.
On this section of our site you will find all the Sky Shark and
Black Diamond Carbon Tubes that we make. Take a look around, checkthe technical specificatioins of all the tubes. If you are looking for a carbon tube to meet a specific application and not sure which one will work best for you, please contact us and we happy to discuss your needs and find the perfect tube for you.

We are always striving to produce the best possible tubes for the best price. We've been working for 14 years now in the development and distribution of wrapped carbon tubes. We started with the development of G-Force tapered tubes and were the first to use them in a line of manufactured sport kites (Sky Burner kites). We then went on to start another company called Black Diamond tubes. We let it go to become the distributors of Sky Shark wrapped tubes, which was started by Erez Borowsky. This last year we took over the Sky Shark lineup from Erez and we now manufacture them ourselves. The tapered tubes are now produced in the USA.

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