Black Diamond Carbon Tubes by Sky Shark

PX Series by Sky Shark
We have a new series of tubes the P1X, P2X and P3X.
The new tubes have a new woven look, they are very much the same as the old P series tubes, same ID and OD. The big difference is the tubes are made with a higher modules of carbon which makes them 15 to 20 % stiffer that the old P series tubes.
Tube Specifications:
Tube Inches CM Grams O.D. I.D. Wall
P1X 32.5 82.6 13.0 0.284 0.244 0.020
P2X 32.5 82.6 15.0 0.289 0.244 0.023
P3X 32.5 82.6 17.0 0.294 0.244 0.025